The 1st & only ICP native Auditing Agency

Professional ICP canister code security audits by leading protocol experts.

ICP canister security is a new frontier

Other Blockchains:

  • Are not asynchronous
  • Do not host front ends
  • Do not host complex data models
  • Do not have the flexible-mutability types
  • Have established security standards which don’t translate to ICP
Why Solidstate

Why Solidstate

No one understands ICP better

While external Web3 auditors were reading ICP documentation, our auditors were top-tier ICP builders who were either writing or correcting that documentation.

As the first auditing agency built from the ground-up by of ICP innovators, there’s no one who understands ICP security more deeply than us.

No one has better methodology

Other Web3 auditors simply check a dapps public immutable smart contract functions against a set of established security standards.

This approach won’t work for ICP dApps because they face entirely new classes of Web3 security challenges. Our auditors are actively defining the new audit methodologies they need!

No one will give you a better quote

We created Solidstate because we love ICP, and this ecosystem needs access to professional security audits to grow. This is why we offer competitive, fair, & transparent pricing.

We’ve even worked out flexible payment terms with past clients that allow for a portion of their pre-SNS audit costs to be covered by their SNS DAO.

Our Approach

Our Approach

A typical audit takes about 4-6 weeks on average to complete, depending on scope and complexity

Phase 1: Kickoff

We start off with an initial presentation call to understand your project’s needs define a pricing structure that’ll work for you. To lock-in your audit start date and proceed with pre-audit work, you’ll need to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) and pay a $2,500 commitment fee.

Phase 2: Scoping

Together we’ll define the audit scope, navigate the pre-audit logistics, and our lead auditor will deliver a non-bind estimate for the audit duration. From that point you just have to sign the Audit Agreement and we’ll be ready to begin!

Phase 3: Code Review

Our auditors will each review your code repository in depth and test its security using various new ICP audit methodologies. All along the way they’ll be collaborating and sharing findings with your team.

Phase 4: Finalise Audit

Once the audit is completed, we’ll begin refining the final audit report and continue working with your team to confirm that any remaining security issues uncovered during the audit are appropriately resolved.

Case Study

Sonic Code Audit

Solidstate conducted a thorough pre-SNS audit of the Sonic DEX in fall 2023. Sonic then went on to successfully raise over 500k ICP (worth $1.6m at the time) as the first fully audited SNS dapp.

By IC builders, for the IC community

At Solidstate, we tackle the unique security challenges of building on the IC. Born out of the need for ICP-specialized code audits, we pool together experts with a profound understanding of the ecosystem's intricacies. Our mission is to provide quality, transparent audits at a fair and accessible price, while leading the frontier of ICP security.

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